To start things off, can you introduce yourself to the readers?

My name is Cathal and I’m a recent graduate from the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin
where I was trained with an emphasis on the Stanislavski method of Acting. I grew up in
Athlone, Co. Westmeath and moved to Dublin to begin this journey after I graduated from
secondary school.

How did you get your start in the film industry?

When I was 14 my mother showed me an ad in the newspaper where a production of
“1916” for TG4 was being shot and they were looking for extras. I sent off a picture and
received a call that I was going to be an extra within the production.

When I got to set I was greeted by one of the staff, put in costume and somehow was given a speaking role within the mini-series and we filmed for 2 weeks. During this time I saw everything unfold, I saw actors prepare, directors talking with actors, camera crews adjusting shots and I can only describe what I felt as a bolt of lightning to my imagination, I knew that after this experience I was going to do everything possible to develop myself an actor.

Can you tell us more about your upcoming project(s)?

Prior to COVID-19 I was filming for a new TV show produced by RTE & BBC called
“Smother” this will be my professional television debut and am so excited to be able to
resume shooting once we receive the go ahead from our Government.

Where can we found out more about you and your work?

You can contact my Agency @

Favorite movie?

This changes almost every week for me, my friends actually laugh when I tell them to
watch a certain film I think is one of the best ever made because I say it about so many.
Right now it’s probably “Shutter Island”

Favorite country or place?

I have a fascination with Spain, I love every about it. The culture, people and locations are
truly one of a kind. I lived there for 3 months last summer and was one of the best
experiences I’ve ever had.

What was the project you learned the most from?

I find that with every project I’ve ever been involved in I learn something. I don’t ever wantto believe that learning and evolving within this craft ever stops and if it one day does, I won’t continue.

I want to learn and develop with every project I am involved in.

If you could work with any actors or actresses who would they be and why?

Currently there is a wealth of talent of stage and screen coming out of Ireland, the drama
schools here are truly top notch. I have had the good fortune of working with other really
gifted Irish actors and long may that continue. UP THE IRISH.