Devastation: End Of Life is an action packed “post apocalyptic” film that takes place after a world war destroyed most of the planet and the remaining population fight each day just to survive.

Plot Outline:

Devastation End Of Life is an over-the-top action and fiction movie written and directed by, Fausto Toribio and his co-producer, Vincent Williams. In this movie it focuses on the planet and how it was destroyed. With 5% of the people who remain alive, they are struggling to live and fighting for survival. They are mutating because of pollution and diseases that are spreading in the world. People are becoming monsters and zombies and will do anything to survive. Everyone is fighting for life but, will they be able to use all their power to survive ?

Directed By:

Fausto Toribio, Co Director Vincent williams

Written By:

Fausto toribio

Screenplay By:

Fausto Toribio