To start things off, can you introduce yourself to the readers?

I'm a veteran character Actor and Producer with over 100 TV/FILM credits since 1987. I was born and raised in Athens Georgia and started my career in Atlanta Ga in 1985 before moving to Hollywood in 1987 with a play I co-wrote and co-starred in WILLOW SPRINGS NOW. It ran successfully in LA and that's how I started my career which led to TV/Film roles.

I have also been doing my radio show ONE ON ONE WITH JASPER COLE since 2010 with over 100 episodes to date and counting. I'm so grateful to be a part of the HOLLYWOOD BAD GUY list of actors whose work I admire and with whom its and honor to work with especially in the horror genre.

What is the best thing about working in horror?

I think horror fans and supporters are the best part of working in the genre. They are so loyal and passionate about the films and actors they like. I grew up LOVING horror films never knowing I would one day work in the genre as well. Also there is a real support system with Directors, Producers and Actors who work in horror. The press outlets are also so encouraging and supportive. I like that really good horror films incorporate Drama, Gore and comedy and often a little CAMP too.

Can you say anything about your movie you have been in?

I've been blessed to be in so many films and work with amazing directors and actors but in terms of Horror, my recent ones are THE PURGE: ANARCHY, HANSEL & GRETEL opposite Dee Wallace, MODEL HOME, AWAKEN THE SHADOWMAN, and CAPTURED. My biggest most high profile film was the SNL comedy film MACGRUBER opposite Kristin WIig, Ryan Phillipe, Val Kilmer, Will Forte and Maya Rudolph.

What inspired you to be a actor?

The first film I remember seeing as a kid was THE WIZARD OF OZ and I was mesmerized but it was TV that initially got me interested in acting. I grew up wtaching lots of TV and even though I didn't know how to make it happen or that I could actually make a living at it,,,,I always knew deep down I was destined to be an actor. It's the one thing in life I was always crystal clear about. I wasn't sure how it would happen or what it would look like but looking back I was pretty confident. It's amazing how fearless we can be when we are young. The key is to try to harness some of that as we grow older.

How did you prepare for the role?

I always approach each role knowing the whole script and what the story really is and how does my character fit into it. Making strong choices about who I am, where I'm coming from, What I want out of the scene and how does my character go about making that happen. Who, what, where and when. In general for me, acting is all about listening and reacting in the moment. Just try to be as natural and real as possible.

Can you tell us about the greatest moment in your film career?

I've had many along the way but as I mentioned earlier, getting cast as a principle in a big studio film like MACGRUBER and to work with that amazing cast was a turning point in my career on so many levels. Doors opened to me and I had meetings and auditions with so major directors for some big films. I look at my career as a marathon not a sprint. It's been a slow long journey that has been a series of little breaks along the way. All I've ever wanted was to be a working actor and for that I will forever be grateful.

What are some of your upcoming projects?

I wrapped a film KOMBUCHA CURE opposite Emmy winners, Tamara Braun, Jennifer Bassey and Denise Boutte in January of this year right before the pandemic. It's a dark comedy and I play "Theo" an eccentric military veteran who also has a pet pig. It's a smart, fun heartfelt film with a great cast from writer/director Cecilia Choi.
I also completed my first job during the pandemic called THE FALL written and Directed by Scott Mann who directed the amazing film HEIST starring Robert DeNiro and Jeffrey Dean Morgan who also co-stars in this one.

I shot up in Palmdale and it was so good to work again. I'm also starring as "Mike" and producing a new TV Drama Audio podcast series THE CHURCH OF MIKE produced by Lance Paul and GingerKnight films who also co-stars along with a great cast including Jeff Kober, Bill Oberst, Jr and Darrell Larson.

What was the project you learned the most from?

In 1998 I worked on a CBS/Paramount TV Pilot TEXARKANA with the great Sam Elliott and Judith Ivey. I learned so much from both of them, especially Sam. He showed me how to take the work serious but make sure you are kind to EVERYONE and get to know people's names. A set becomes like one big family. It was an honor to watch him work and interact with the crew and everyone. He had so many great stories about the biz and I also loved how he has been married to his wife for so long and they're really happy and balanced.

What is the last horror film you saw? What did you think of it?

The last horror film I saw was my own CAPTURED and I really liked it a lot, It has a great young cast of actors and I'm by fay the OLD guy in the bunch but it was a terrific shoot. It debuted this past January pre- pandemic as well. Before that I think the last one in an actual theatre was GET OUT and on demand we recently watched THE GRUDGE and I liked it too.

What is your favorite horror movie and why?

I have a tie...The original HILLS HAVE EYES starring my dear friend Suze Lanier-Bramlett and the original WHEN A STRANGER CALLS starring Carol Kane. Two very different classics. The Hills Have Eyes was Wes Craven's film and it also had a new actress named DEE WALLACE. I loved the grittiness of it being shot out in the desert.

WHEN A STRANGER CALLS was so scary to me because this could really happen. There were no zombies or monsters, rather it was more of a psychological Horror thriller which was subtle and grounded in reality.

If you could work with any actors or actresses who would they be and why?

I have such a long list of them. My favorite actor is Jeff Bridges and he's on top of the list as well as Daniel Day Lewis but he''s allegedly retired so I guess that won't happen. I got to audition for TRUE GRIT and the Cohen Bros so I almost worked with Jeff.

It was a thrill just to audition for them. I'm also a HUGE Jessica Lang fan and would love to work with her. On TV side of things, I love anything Ryan Murphy does. I was able to Guest Star on AHS and that was a career highlight indeed. RATCHED was brilliant as is Sarah Paulson.

Where can we find out more about you and your work?

You can go to my website: and I'm on twitter and instagram @jaspercolesays and also Facebook fan page


What is your personal definition of horror?

A film or TV show that takes you out of your comfort zone and takes you on a ride filled with excitement, Gore, Monsters of all kinds and above FUN and SCARY!

Favorite country or place?

My favorite place is San Francisco and Northern California in general. I also love Toronto and Vancouver,

Did you know anything about Sweden?

Great health care, world class education, low crime rates and lots of BLONDES!

Anything else you want to mention?

I'm so happy so many Americans turned out and voted on November 3rd and our democracy lives on. Also please everyone wear a mask, Social distance when you can and always wash your hands. We can get through this pandemic if we all look out for each other. God bless.........................