On a cold winter night, Laura reads his brother David the story of a strange creature that attacks children. Suddenly, a shiver runs Laura's body, feeling a strange presence in the house. It’s him.


Directed by Ivan Villam el, "Mr.Dentonn" is a reference to the fantasy story films of th e 80s, a classic tale where the warm th of our home is broken by the presence of a dark who lives to disrupt sleep children.

In "M r.Dentonn" we transport the viewer to that place he lived as a spectator of the genre as children. A dark tale from which arise the limits of th e imagination and has an impact on popular folklore.“M r.Dentonn "is a recovery of a tone and form of film making, influenced by the mix of family film s and horrific elements that were so successful in the past decades. A story influenced by the films of John Carpenter and by film s such as "The Lost Boys," "Fright Night", "The Mons ter Squad" and "Poltergeist".

We will work with a look very ambitious, professional visual style and seeks to introduce the spectator into the story, live and feel the nightmare as their own characters. Always respecting the tone balance be tween scary and classicism, with out resorting to violent or bloody excesses. The fantastic filmim ages of “M r.Dentonn” remain in the viewer's retina as the nightmares of every adult child with in us.


Ivan Villamel Sanchez ,born on February 14, 1978, in Barcelona (Spain). With experience as a writer of film analysis articles for various film press until 2008. Graduate in film direction, screenp lay and production for Bande a Part Cinem a School & CECC of Barcelona in 2011.

"Refugio 115" was my first professional short film in 35mm , after leading advertising spots for other events such as the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival 2010. “Refugio 115” was selected in more than 200 film festivals and wons more th an 30 awards (two times nominated as Best European Short Film at Melies d’Argent Award). “M r.Dentonn” is my second short film .



Irene Aguilar is Laura, one of our main characters. She graduated in media studies and complemented her career with her acting studies in Paris, Madrid and New York.‟ She has worked in several shortfilms in Spain and France and has also performed in theater plays such as La Strada‟ (Iati theater in New York) , La Celestina (Fernán Gómez Theater in M adrid ) and the Willy Fog and Sábado 3.30 musicals, both from BRB Internacional. Irene also studied profesionally‟ ballet, flamenco, contemporary dance, photography , music (piano and singing ), make up and speaks four languages.


Kaiet Rodriguez is David , our other protagonist. Kaiet has already worked in professional films starring the "Hierro" (Gabe Ibañez) and "Kamikaze" (Alex Pina) films. He has also participated in several television series ("Los protegidos", "Homicidios", "Gran Reserva" or "Amar en tiempos revueltos") and the short films "Hogar" and "No hace falta que me lo digas".


At age 12 he became interested in the world of cinema, during th e filming of "La Viga", his first professional short film by Mario Pardo, his father (19 9 6). While studying fine arts, starts practicing interpretation while making short films with his team mates, at which professionalized through film , television, theater and teaching classes to children and adolescents. His taste for the fantastic and slim physique , open the door further characterization, as in the present case: "M r. Dentonn".


"Mr.Dentonn" is a coproduction of Harmonica Films, Mordiscos Films and Ivan Villamel with Raúl Cerezo as Executive Producer..


Ignacio Aguilar is our director of photography, besides to his job as co-producer of the project. Ignacio is also a critic and member of the critical and Harmonica Films, a company dedicated to cinema and audiovisual equipment rental. In his role as director of photography has
been responsible for countless jobs advertising and fiction as "L5D " or "8 (Eight)" . With the latter, he became the first director of photography on a short Spanish see outlined in the American Cinematographer magazine.


Alberto Diaz, also co-produced of the project through Mordisco Films, leading company in the industry and specializes in post-production and visual colorimetry. In his work as a producer, he has been involved in over 10 short films and numerous audiovisual works in recent years , and even in features, as “Dos amigos” or “Al escuchar al viento” (Official Selection at SEMINCI


Ivan Villamel is the director and screen writer of M r.Dentonn. Ivan, in addition to bringing the best international short films at the festival " Cortopolis" as international producer manager , has also direct "Re fugio 115 " (2011) , a short film that has selected at 200 international film
festivals in over 40 countries , and has achieved over 30 awards for his successful career. “Mr.Dentonn” is his second short film .


In executive production we have Raúl Cerezo, absolute reference over the last decade in the world of short films in Spain , directing fantasy genre hits as "Escarnio" and "8 (Eight)" (which have a combined nearly 500 selections in festivals and 60 awards ) and producing festivals pioneers who left their mark on the world of the film , as "Escorto" or the successful "Cortópolis”


Title : “Mr.Dentonn”
Length : 9 minutes
Country : Spain
Production : May 2014
Format : HD 4K
Aspect Ratio : 2:35:1
Audio : Español
Subtitles : English, French, Italian

Director / Writer : Ivan Villamel Sanchez
Producers: “Harmonica Films” (Ignacio Aguilar), “Mordisco Films”
(Alberto Díaz) & Iván Villamel.
Associated Producers : Eric Villamel, Mari Sanchez & Tania Galán
Executive Producer : Raúl Cerezo
Director of Photography : Ignacio Aguilar
1st assistant camera : José Martín Rosete
Music : Luis Hernaiz
Art Director : Beatriz Moreno Almendros
Sound designer : Jose Luis Canalejo y Fede Pajaro (“Suave y Peludo”)
Edition : Tomás Esteras
Assistant Director : Raúl Cerezo, David Meno & Lucía Martínez
Script : Mabel Villagra
Costume Designer : Beatriz Isidro
Make-Up : Víctor Javier Bernardos
Fx Make-up : Antonio P. Cabrera (Simbiox)
SFX : Hipólito “Poli” Cantero
Visual Effects & Colourist : Alberto Díaz (Mordisco Films)
Poster, Concept Art & Storyboard : Guillermo de la Peña
Pressbook : Octavi Espuga

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