To start things off, can you introduce yourself to the readers?

PHOTO: Martin Gustafsson

I a filmmaker that writes, directs, produces and acts. I have also done some SFX work, but I havenít done that kind of work in a long time now. I am also a co-host for Bitches of Horror, a YouTube Channel where me and my best friend Jasmine Martinez review horror movies and interview filmmakers in the horror genre.

How did you get your start in the film industry?

I have written scripts since I was 12 years old, but did not get into the film industry until I made my feature film Sargad, which was filmed four years ago.

Can you tell us anything about your movies?

I have always written pretty gruesome horror movies since I grew up watching slashers and later I was very fascinated by movies like Saw and Hostel, so my scripts had a lot of those kind of elements to them. After that I became very obsessed by revenge movies especially rape/revenge films, since I know so many women who have been sexually assaulted and violated, which has angered me a lot and I knew that my debut feature film had to be in this sub genre.

After having done a lot of violent horror movies I discovered how much I love comedy and that is when I decided to make my comedy horror Create Your Killer which is now doing itís festival run and will be screened at The Women in Horror Festival in Stockholm which will be held between the 15th and 16th of February. This festival is held by Monsters of Film.

What do you consider to be the strongest element of your work?

I think my story telling because with Sargad, a lot of the story was very personal.

Do you think you've changed as an Director/Producer/Actor since you first started?

Yes I have. When I started filming Sargad I really had no experience at all with making a feature film, but I learned a lot from that shoot. The reason why it took me almost three or four years to finally direct something (besides Mimes) is that I did not feel comfortable or assertive enough to direct something.

That is why I took my time, gathered as much experience on set as I could, went to Prague to study and after that I felt ready and comfortable to direct my short comedy horror Create Your Killer.

I have also evolved a lot as an actress and even if I do love acting in horror movies I have learned and embraced the idea of portraying different kinds of character in any genre and enjoying it.


What are some of your upcoming projects?

Right now we are filming the first season of my comedy series Attack of The B-Film which I am writing and directing together with Andres R Ramos, who directed Sargad.

I am also starring in it and it is about four aspiring filmmakers friends who creates B-Films in the horror genre, but they will learn the hard way that filmmaking is not as easy as it might seem.

I have also got a couple of ideas for short films and feature films which I canít talk about yet.

Where can we found out more about you and your work?

You can follow my production company on facebook and instagram @bloodyfierceproductions
You can also follow me on instagram @sarahofhorror

What advice would you give to someone wanting to try a career in Director/Producer?

To just pick up a camera and film something. Donít wait and think that your first film has to be perfect, because the perfect moment will pass.

You will learn from every experience on set, even if it just you and some of your friend who have never made a film before, you will gain so much from it and evolve, that is exactly what I did.

If you could work with any Director/Producer who would they be and why?

Dario Argento since I love his work.

If you could work with any actors or actresses who would they be and why?

Kaitlin Olson from Itís Always Sunny in Philadelphia, I adore her and I love her in everything Iíve seen her in. She inspires med to dare to find the comedian in myself and to dare to not be afriad to embarass myself when I portray Nicole in my own comedy series Attack of The B-Film.

What is the best thing about working in horror?

Everything, the creative sfx, the kills, the twisted and crazy stories, to be able to portray crazy and strong characters.

In horror movies anything can happen and I love being a part of it. I am also glad to be a part of helping the horror genre grow in Sweden because that has always been a dream of mine since I was twelve years old, dreaming about making horror movies while sitting in my movie filmed room just writing horror scripts all day.

Through the horror genre Iíve also gotten to meet and know a lot of wonderful people and horror is the thing that brought me and Jasmine together.

Why do you work in the film industry?

Because I simply love it, movies are my life and I canít imagine living a life where I was not working with movies in some way.

How do you prepare for a movie?

Depending on the part I sometimes do some method acting, but what I love to do is improv, especially for Attack of The B-Film we have done a lot of improv between takes, before a shoot and just goofying around as our characters and it has helped a lot.

I also write backstories for my character which I think is very important because that way you really get to know them and know how they would react in any situation.

What is your personal definition of horror?

I went through my own personal horror when my dad got sick with cancer when I was eight or nine and then died when I was ten.

That time when he was sick and staying in hospitals was heartbreaking and seeing him so drained and weak was horrible, but when he died was what broke me and to cope with his death I began writing scripts and I honestly think that saved me.

Who is your current inspiration?

All of the amazing women in horror that I know busting their ass of everyday and ofcourse Jasmine, because she does so much for everyone and for me.

Favorite movie?

Suspiria 1977.

What is the last horror film you saw? What did you think of it?

An Italian film called The End? It was alright, definitely worth a watch, but I am a bit partial toward elevator horror.

Favorite country or place?

Prague is probably the most beautiful city that I have visited and lived in and I would love to visit it again for a week or a weekend. I lived there for nine month while studying Acting for Film at Prague Film School.

Anything else you want to mention?

Thank you for this interview, it was a pleasure!