To start things off, can you introduce yourself to the readers?


My name is Shawn Wright. I知 an aspiring filmmaker from Baltimore, Maryland. I currently have two short films released, they池e available to watch for free on vimeo.

You can find the link to them on this very website. I知 hoping to start filming my first full length film this year. My production company is called Facemelt Features. I'm hoping to have a long career making gory, old school horror films for the modern age!

How did you get your start in the film industry?

Well I wouldn稚 say I知 in the industry just yet. Making horror films has been something that interested me since high school. Maybe two years ago I finally decided that I was tired of just existing and working my dead end job.

I wanted to do something that would actually make me feel accomplished. I met up with some friends and we discussed seriously making a film. I wanted to start out with something fairly simple, a short slasher film. Thus, Night of the Axe was born.

I知 still working that dead end job but I think I知 on the path to making a viable career out of filmmaking.

Can you tell us anything about your short films?

Night of the Axe is a gory, old school slasher. A group of friends having a get together are hunted down one by one by a sadistic masked killer.

Spirit Board: Doorway to Death is an atmospheric supernatural slasher.

A group of friends get more than they bargained for when they play with a spirit board and accidently conjure the spirit of a long dead serial killer.

What do you consider to be the strongest element of your work?

I try to keep my stuff true to my 80s horror heart. I'm not trying to make a period piece, what I mean is I try my best to emulate the camera work (aided by my hardworking DPs) as well as the general atmosphere of those films.

I think the scores (provided by the excellent Eric Hodges) really stand out and help to elevate my films. I知 not really interested in making a 杜odern film. Saying one of my films looks 電ated would be a compliment to me!

Can you tell us about the greatest moment in your film career?

I certainly hope I haven稚 had it yet! I am just starting out after all. So far, I would say just releasing films, seeing the completed project come together and having people tell me how much they enjoyed them. People being interested in interviewing me is pretty crazy as well!

Do you think you've changed as a Director/Producer since you first started?

Even with only two shorts I can say I致e changed quite a bit. With Night of the Axe I had almost no idea what I was doing, the set was chaotic and I had little confidence.

With Spirit Board I was much more confident and despite some pre-production issues and a small crew we still banged that short out relatively easily.

How did you come up with the idea for your films?

Truely, short films were never really my goal but they became a necessary starting point. With Night of the Axe I wanted to start with something cool and gory but fairly simple, and what's simpler then a classic slasher? I wanted to make sure it was a loving tribute to the glory days of the 80s and I didn稚 want the short runtime to keep me from filling it with high quality gore and effects. I wanted to go all out for my first foray into film making!

As far as Spirit Board is concerned, the idea came to me while I was rewatching Witchboard. I was interested in doing another short to bridge the gap between Night of the Axe and my full length feature. I didn't want to make something terribly expensive, so I decided to do a Spiritboard based ghost slasher film. I would shoot it in my own home. I kept the idea very low-fi. I wanted it to be really heavy on atmosphere and dread.

My goal was always to make the sort of films that I would want to watch.

Can you tell us more about your upcoming project(s)?

I知 working on a full length version of Night of the Axe. It値l start off shortly before the events of the short, briefly revisit it, then show the aftermath of the short and the killer's next massacre! I知 planning to start filming that this year, probably in the August/September timeframe. It all depends on how the current virus situation pans out.

Where can we find out more about you and your work?

Watch my two shorts here




What advice would you give to someone wanting to try a career as a Director/Producer?

Just get out there and do it! In 2020 it's easier than ever to make a film. Save up some money, get some like minded friends together or scour the internet for like minded people. Make the story you want to make don稚 let anyone tell you it's impossible.

Make sure you surround yourself with people who are passionate about the project and truly want to help. No one is going to be as passionate about the project as you are but you can稚 have people who aren稚 on the same page. Apathetic cast and crew will hinder you far more than those who lack experience.

Favorite movie?

If we池e talking horror I have a lot of favorites! I can稚 narrow it down to just a few but some that come to mind are The Beyond, The Thing, Evil Dead, Intruder, Deadly Spawn, Re-Animator, Friday the 13th (2,3,4,6,7), Dead Alive and Zombie just to name a few.

As far as non horror is concerned I grew up on Star Wars as well as 90s comedies such as Ace Ventura, Naked Gun and Waynes World. I知 also a fan of 80s action films such as Commando and Predator.

What is the last horror film you saw? What did you think of it?

I recently watched the 1981 sci-fi/horror film Galaxy of Terror. I enjoyed it, though not as much as the similar film released the next year, Forbidden World.

Do you know anything about sweden?

Not a lot! Though I do enjoy your meatballs and at least half my furniture is from IKEA.

Anything else you want to mention?

Support indie horror! Buy physical media, support the films and filmmakers you enjoy. Word of mouth is important, for some creators (myself included) it's all they have. Tell people about the cool horror films you致e been watching both online and in person.

That being said, you can purchase both of my short films on a double feature DVD. Only $8 shipped in the USA. It's $20 international. Contact me through any of the social medias linked above or send me an email at