THE FILM: Spirit Animal is an upcoming horror/comedy that follows a group of annoying young people who rent a cabin for New Year’s Weekend to have the time of their lives.

Little do they know, a demented killer stalks the nearby woods, he wears different animal masks for every kill.

One thousand faces…one killer…the only way to survive is to unleash their inner SPIRIT ANIMAL.

The film is shot on VHS, for that authentic shitty video quality.

The movie is also interactive for people at home or in the theater, as there will be SMELL-O-VISION cards with 6 smells for the film! Of course, the smells are a surprise.

Influences for Spirit Animal include Friday the 13th, Nailgun Massacre, Video Violence, Cannibal Campout, Splatter Farm, among many other films. But Spirit Animal is unlike any slasher film you have ever seen – that we promise. With a new and original killer and storyline, it’s completely new for the horror genre.

The film is shot in and around Pittsburgh, PA. The film just finished shooting. It started in March, but due to scheduling, it has taken a while to film, as independent movies often do. Our world premiere is March 13th!

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Jennifer Louise:

Jennifer Louise plays the role of Lisa, the good girl of the bunch. Facing a troubled past, she joins her friends and sister to a weekend away and to celebrate a new year and new beginning. Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned.

Jennifer Louise is an actress and model, she has done background extra work in some local productions and has acted in various short films.

Jenny has many other talants and goes above and beyond for the film. This is her first feature.


Svetlana Kotov:

Svetlana Kotov plays the role of Andrea, the party girl and Lisa’s sister. All Andrea wants to do is complain and party.

She would definitely rather be having Cosmopolitans in Miami than be in a random cabin in West Virginia for the new year. Svetlana Kotov has done modeling and acted in a few feature films, mostly horror films.

Joseph Russio:

Joseph Russio plays the role of Ralph, Andrea’s boyfriend. It was Ralph’s idea to take the trip to the cabin, but why is he friends with any of the people who go with him?

Joseph Russio is a jack of all trades. Along with acting, he does the cinematography and special effects!!


Keith Monahan:

Keith Monahan plays the role of Timmy. Timmy is the stoner of the group, he loves to drink and smoke, and that’s all he cares about. He loves to drink beer with straws; apparently that gets you drunk quicker. Or is that a myth?

Keith Monahan has wanted to get into acting for a while; he is unforgettable as Timmy and brings laughs and realism to the screen. All he has to do is be himself, he is unforgettable and arguably everyone’s favorite character.


Ian Ray Adam:

Ian Ray Adam plays Timmy’s sidekick, Randy. These two are best friends. Like Timmy, Randy loves to smoke and drink. And he loves pizza!

Ian Ray Adam is an actor, he does much theater work. He has appeared in many stage productions and a few local films as well.

Andy Stuchell:

Andy Stuchell plays the role of Adam, Lisa’s ex boyfriend. He wants her back, and he will do anything to have her back!

Andy Stuchell loves doing stand up comedy, and has acted in other independent films, such as Occurance at Mills Creek. He brings laughs to the screen!


Tim Gross:

Tim Gross plays the role of the Chief Wannawilla, a camp counselor at a summer camp that seems kind of like a religious cult.

Tim Gross is well known in the horror community for reviewing independent horror movies, and writing books such as Tales from the Gross Side.

He has appeared in other independent horror films such as Croaker, Jagoff Massacre, and the upcoming Blood Freak!


Jerry Pietrala:

Jerry Pietrala plays the role of the psychiatrist. After all that trauma and murders, he is much needed!

Jerry Pietrala is a very well known Pittsburgh Actor. He has the lead role in the upcoming film Batshit!, along with starring in films such as Craig Quits his Day Job, Kescksburg, and A Wish for Giants.


Toby Radloff:

Toby Radloff plays the role of the Tree of Life. Yes, a talking tree. This movie has everything, we promise you.

Toby Radloff is best known for his portrayal of Harold Kunkle in Killer Nerd and Bride of Killer Nerd. He also appeared in Townies and the award winning film American Splendor.


Writer/Director/Producer: Madeline Deering

Madeline Deering is known for working with sound on various films including Pro-Wrestlers Vs. Zombies, Lucifer’s Unholy Desire, among other films.

She also loves to write screenplays, and acts on occasion. This is her first feature film directing.


Cinematography/Special Effects/Creative Consultant/Editor/Producer: Joseph Russio

Joseph Russio, as stated above, basically does everything. He shot the films Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies and Lucifer’s Unholy Desire.

There is no one more talented than Joe, he has an amazing eye for detail and brings a ton of fresh ideas to the film and creativity. He is also a fantastic editor!


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Interview with Madeline Deering HERE