- Phone Booth meets Hard Candy -


Web-Girl is a Thriller targeted for a teen-young adult audience.


A 23-year-old single mother who works as a Web Cam stripper is pushed to
the limit while held hostage by an unknown gunman.


Gessica works as a cam girl to pay her way through Med-School and
provide for her infant Daughter. This double life becomes deadly when one
of her clients threatens to kill her.

One morning she is awaken by a phone call from this stalker who lurks
somewhere outside her house with a rifle pointed at her. She is nearly killed by a warning shot and is forced to play the caller's game. The caller makes her stay on the cell with him while she calls her Exboyfriends and confess the ways she has used them. Gessica must confront these men of her past and come to terms with what she did so that she and her daughter will survive.



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Erin Nicole Cline (GESSICA): Born and raised in North Carolina, Erin graduated from UNC-Wilmington with a BFA in theatre. Her love of travel and adventure took her across the pond where she toured Europe and settled down in London, England. After three years in London, she sought warmer climates in the United States. She has worked in the entertainment industry for 15 years, and as a lover of camera and stage alike. Erin's other feature credits include Veer and Quite A Conundrum.

Joe Coffey (BEN), a Boston native is a 2009 Masters Acting graduate from the University of Florida, Joe moved to Orlando where he’s been featured in numerous commercials including Gillette, Ford Trucks, PGA Tour, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Chrysler-Dodge. His most recent appearance in the Dark Comedy Quite A Conundrum as the role of Dutch.


Curt Wiser – Writer/Director/Visual Effects

Curt Wiser attended Gibbs High for its magnet program for the Fine Arts. He then Graduated from University of Central Florida with a Bachelors of
Fine Arts in Computer Animation. This background helped him and his crew achieve the movie's dynamic and frenetic visual style. He also produced
the visual effects that complement the movie's action sequences.

Odorico Mendes (Producer/Executive Producer/Director Of Photography) has been working as a Director of films and television commercials for over two decades. He has worked with notable actors including Michael York on Discretion Assured (1993). He is a Brazilian Native of its capital Săn Paulo.

James W. Aubrey (Executive Producer) has been instrumental in seeing Web-girl through development and production for over two years now. His credits include being the Director and Producer of a feature for the legendary Roger Corman. He is the son of James T. Aubrey, who served as the President of the CBS television network during the 1960s and a Producer for MGM in the 1970s.