The Crow: Shreds of Memories


"The Crow: Shreds of Memories" is a fan movie commemorating the talents of James O'Barr and the 20th anniversary of the death of Brandon Lee.

The choice to readapt the subject of James O'Barr was created to make a tribute to his talent. The tribute is also extended to the memory of Brandon Lee, who died tragically during the filming of Alex Proyas "The Crow" (1994).

Please note that we don't want to offer a remake, but a faithful adaptation of the original comic.

During the 2014, two official teasers were released, both visible on artemikastudio's youtube channel. FrenckCinema is a mediapartner of the project.

Eric Crowen has lost his memory, he can't remember anything of the day when his girlfriend died. But just one event, is enough for he can remember all.

Shelly was killed and Eric can't find peace until he will get justice. Driven by the pain and love, he begins a race against time and against the murderers of his beloved.

But the mission of Eric is strewn with dangers, deceits and death. A white mask will be his new face. The face of Revenge.



Daniele Cervellera
Miriam Maggio
Sarah Genga
Gianni Navolio
Mirko D'Antona
Angelo Boccuni
Patrizio Panariti
Debora Muscoso
Veronica Lacaita
Emiliano Perrone
Luciana Valzano


Vito Napolitano