Film Type: Feature Film

Genre: Dark Comedy Horror

Tagline: Compromise Can Kill

Year of Completion: 2016

Twitter: @ego_talkingdog

About Egomaniac:

Egomaniac is the second feature film by writer and director Kate Shenton. Previous work includes feature documentary On Tender Hooks and short films Send in the Clowns, Gimp and Bon Appetite.

The film is semi-autobiographical, drawing on Kate’s own experiences as a female filmmaker in the industry. Dancing between fact and fiction, it is a satirical comedy which focuses on the treatment of women in the industry and how far an artist will go to get their work made. Egomaniac is a DIY film which was made on the tight budget of £5000. It was shot in just 10 days with a cast of 22, a crew of 12 and 11 locations.


Filmmaker Catherine Sweeney is determined to make her zombie-horror-romantic-comedy. However everyone in the industry keeps telling her to put a talking dog in it. Desperate for funding, Catherine does whatever it takes to get her film made, but compromises can kill...

All Catherine Sweeney has ever wanted to do is make films and right now she is
desperately trying to make her zombie-horror-romantic-comedy a reality. After a meeting with the sleazy but successful executive, Derek Maxwell, her dream film looks like it’s about to get made… on one condition. She puts a talking dog in it.
Catherine does her best to resist pressure from her questionable producer Nathan, but he forces her to create ‘Princess’ - the talking dog.

Catherine’s imagination however, (personified by the arrogant zombie Kevin), strongly disagrees with this compromise. Catherine continues make more and more compromises in order to gain funding. She ‘sexes up’ her image, makes the film 3D and casts an unlikely groups of B-list celebrities to make her producers happy. The final straw is a preposition by Derek as he tests whether she really will do ‘anything’ for her film.

With her dignity gone, her imagination rebelling and the producers now threatening to take the film away, something inside Catherine snaps – it’s time to resort to extreme measures. Compromise can kill…

Stills from the Film:



Nic Lamont

Nic Lamont is plays the lead Catherine Sweeney in Egomanaic. She is one half of the double act The Twins Macabre who have appeared on BBC3, BBC Radio 4 and at many festivals including the Edinburgh Fringe and London Horror Fest. She also recently starred in the World Stage Premiere of the Rocky Horror Sequel Shock Treatment.

Adam Rhys-Davies

Adam Rhys-Davies is the second half of the The Twins Macabre and also featured in
Shock Treatment. Nic and Adam have been writing and performing together as a comedy double act across TV, radio and stage.

Laurence Harvey

Laurence Harvey is the star of both Human Centipede 2 & 3. He has also featured in films such as Banjo, The Editor and Call Girl.

Dan Palmer

Dan Palmer is the writer and star of cult hit Stalled, a zombie apocalypse film which takes place in women’s toilet. He has also featured indie film such as Banjo, The Package and Freak Out.

Loren O’Brien

Loren O’Brien is a stand-up comedian whose shows ‘aLOne’ and ‘Who?’ have received
rave reviews on London and Edinburgh fringe circuits.

David Wayman

David Wayman has worked on several acclaimed indie feature films including Wandering Rose, ArtArch and Knighty Knighty.

Simeon Willis

Simeon Willis has made appearances on TV’s Mr Selfridge and has taken lead roles indie feature films Narcopolis and The Gatekeeper.

Remaining Cast

Devon - Mark Logan
Julian - Patrick Fysh
Adam - Oliver Tilney
Festival Programer - Tom Crowley
Betty - Amy Feeley
Galina - Cristina Neacsu
Helena - Lucy Farret
Lucas - James Harker
Zumbo - Matt Springett
Piggy - Matt Fraiser


Director/Writer - Kate Shenton
Producer - Kate Shenton, Sarah Barker,
Co-producers - Martin Gooch, Paul Groom
Director of Photography - Jack Harvey
Sound Supervisor - James Hyde
First Ad - Sarah Barker
Second AD - Olivia Gittings
Sound Recordist - Federico Joe Saggio
Production Coordinator - Hollie Whiteman
Second AC - Jenny Lingham-Doe
Producer Assistant - Mark Logan
Make Up - Darkworkz Studioz
Editor - Kate Shenton
Composer - Eric Elick
VFX/Grading - Guy Pearson
Sound Design - James Hyde

Behind the Scenes Photos:


- During filming, lead actress Nic Lamont stayed with Kate Shenton for a five day stint.
Nic says this was useful for research and to employ method acting …and also
because it made the travel cheaper.

- From the first day of writing to the final export the film took a total of 12 months to

- Before making Egomanaic Kate Shenton did try to make a zombie-horror-romanticcomedy. A lot of the film was inspired by her experiences of trying to get funding for this film.

- The scene in which Nathan blows out a birthday cake saying ‘Happy Birthday
Nathan’ was shot on Adam Rhys-Davies’s actual birthday.

Director’s Statement

I began making Egomaniac at the point where I nearly gave up being a filmmaker. My
previous feature film On Tender Hooks had opened a lot of doors, but after two years of meetings, discussions and promises, I realised that I was no closer to making my second feature film.

I’d actually wasted two years chasing opportunities which would lead to nothing.
It was at this moment I decided to turn some of my bad experiences and frustrations into something positive and creative. I also wanted to use the resources that I had available to me and I decided the film would be made no matter what. It was a cathartic release. I put everything into Egomaniac, and even moved back in with my parents to afford it… however it was totally worth it!

This film is been a true labour of love for all the cast and crew involved. I don’t think I will ever work on a film which I will feel so much passion, love and dedication towards. What I hope is that Egomaniac will inspire other filmmakers to say ‘Fuck it’, go out there and make their films.