Are You Brave Enough to Follow Eidolon?

Milton Keynes based filmmakers, Dave Moyle and Mark Row have been causing a stir right across Europe with their latest short film, the supernatural thriller, ‘Eidolon’.
Having finished filming at the tail end of last year, the footage is now in the editing suite, and the pair are seeking backing to help put the finishing touches to the project with some specialist post production work, before launching the film into festivals worldwide.

Interestingly, ‘Eidolon’ has already developed a significant following in Croatia, homeland of leading lady Ella Dvornik, a singer and reality star who is acting for the first time in an English speaking role. In addition, the film also features a first acting role for up and coming rapper, K2 World, who has recently collaborated with Tinchy Stryder, with the track due to appear on the soundtrack for the film.
Not only have they put together a fantastic cast, the pair have also been generating interest with their tongue in cheek social media campaign, warning the people they follow to ‘Be afraid, Eidolon is following you’ and using the hashtag #FollowEidolonbeforeEidolonFollowsYou. In addition, they have put a host of behind the scenes photos on their Facebook page, so their followers can keep up to date with their progress.

In a bid to secure the support they need to finish the film and get it seen by as wide an audience as possible, Dave and Mark have launched a Kickstarter campaign, which in its first week has raised 30% if the funding they are seeking. “We felt it was really important to show people that they weren’t putting their money into just an idea, where there is a risk that the film will never be made” said Mark. “We wanted to be very clear that the film has been shot, we now just need a bit of help in making sure it reaches its full potential and has the impact that we truly believe it can have.”

To watch Dave and Mark talking about how the film came about, and be able to see an exclusive trailer, visit their Kickstarter page https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1195173853/eidolon-short-film-post-production-and-festivals  or you can keep up to date with their progress on Facebook and Twitter @Eidolon2015… That is if you’re not too scared of Eidolon following you!