Guess Who's Not Coming to Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner?



A large group of civilians gathered alongside Gloria Stevens, wife of missing mailman, Jeffrey Stevens, at city hall yesterday demanding answers as to what progress has been made in the missing persons case. Police Chief Packer addressed the crowd Thursday afternoon stating he ensures “the timely return and safety of Mr. Stevens.”
The twenty-eight year old Bubblehurst mail courier has been missing since March 21, and was last seen leaving for his route at approximately 6:48am in the West end of Bubblehurst towards Brandes line. His wife reported him missing at 7:12pm that same day because he was unusually late for dinner. “He always arrives before 4:30pm to water the lawn before we settle in for dinner,” claimed Mrs. Stevens, fighting tears. “I just want
my husband back.”

Family, friends, and neighbours describe Jeffrey as mild-mannered, gentle, and “friendly with a skip to his step and a soft smile,” added his mother. “He would never hurt anyone.” This is the fourth case in as many as seven months where citizens have been reported missing from the Bubblehurst area.

SYNOPSIS: Are there benefits to conforming to the modern day family model? What would you sacrifice to be a part of it? What would you stand to lose if you reject it? Set in post-war, propaganda filled, nuclear bomb scared, 1956 America, the town of Bubblehurst upholds the most basic principles of modern day, family living. Everyone is cordial, everyone mows their lawn and loves thy neighbour, and everyone can attest that
the friendliest and most warm, inviting family in the neighbourhood are The Swanson’s.

Mr. and Mrs. Swanson are always good for a hearty laugh and do well to make sure
they pass their sense of family values to their three children, Richard, Debbie, and Jimmy.
For Richard and Debbie, finding their place within the societal family norm is as easy as
a breath of fresh air. Captain of the football team and head captain of the cheerleading
squad, respectively, Richard and Debbie excel at most everything they do, making it a cinch for their parents to share in their pride. The youngest Swanson, Jimmy, however, manages to end up one finger short of a hand when it comes to family values.

Today Jimmy finds himself at the centre of a discussion regarding his inability to amount to the Swanson’s appetite for feasting. You see… every meal is an important meal at the Swanson table, and for good reason. Mr. and Mrs. Swanson put an arm and a leg into their cooking. The preparation is long and tiresome: the removing of limbs, the skinning of parts, the stalking of prey, the – well, I’m sure you get the idea. To think, all this
to ensure their Guest, and future guests, are satisfied. Such a model family they are.

As punishment for his disobedience this morning, Jimmy is given the task of feeding the Swanson’s Guest. Equipped with a plate of freshly baked bread and the short nub of a weary candle, he must descend into the basement to make sure the Guest is receiving his daily dose of vitamins and minerals. Whether you’re at the top of the food chain, a la bourgeoisie, or a bottom of the barrel blue-collar worker, one must fatten up to keep
healthy and strong, isn’t that right Jimmy? Because Jimmy struggles to find his place at the Swanson table, the poor boy is desperate to make friends. But just how desperate is Jimmy to befriend the Guest? Likeminded, individualistic common-men who wish to stand apart from institution need to band together.

After all, wasn’t it Marx who mentioned something about workers of this world uniting? I think it was Marx. Either way, Jimmy has a decision to make; one that he pinky swears not to tell his family.

Writer | Executive Producer SPENCER SINCLAIR

Spencer still lives in his parents basement while always referring to some omnipresent figure as “mother”… A recent Toronto Film School graduate, Spencer was awarded the
top screenwriting award from his graduating class. His love for all things macabre came from a time when the artwork on VHS tapes were often better than the movies themselves.

The 80’s baby! Spencer remembers sneaking downstairs in his parents basement and watching a double feature of Fright Night and Return of the Living Dead. Those two movies piqued his interest in the possibility of mashing up horror and comedy.
Guess Who’s Not Coming to Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner? is his first major work produced. He looks forward to bringing his dark sense of humor to future projects.

Producer | Director | Editor ADAM KING

Adam is a Toronto based writer, producer, and director. He operates with an eye for capturing the dramatic, a technique he utilizes in his second film, this dark comedic horror piece, Guess Who’s Not Coming To Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner?

Adam has been quietly active in the Toronto film scene since 2012, producing and directing his debut film Mum (2012), producing Bow To Your Prince (March Mercanti, 2014), and producing Face Wash (March Mercanti, 2015). He recently received an Emerging Artists Grant from the Ontario Arts Council towards his upcoming psychological
drama My Brother’s Rifle beginning pre-production in September
of 2015.

When asked what he hopes to accomplish from producing and directing Guess Who’s Not Coming To Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner? his answer was simple, “I intend to make people horrifically hungry.”

Producer | Assistant Director MARCH MERCANTI

March grew up telling vivid himself while playing with his action figures. He would steal his sister’s dolls to diversify the drama between characters. Luckily, as years went on he was able to work with real human-beings.

He graduated from the Toronto Film School, where he received the Best Director Award for his film Bow To Your Prince. March excelled in the short documentary form, earning awards for his wrestling documentary Don’t Get Mad, Just Get Used To It (Achievement in Film Direction - Toronto Youth Shorts Film Festival) and his playful documentary Toy Boy (Best Documentary - Digi60 Film Festival). March strives to make films that have a certain sense of honesty.

Cinematographer JOSH GLOVER

Josh is a Toronto based cinematographer, photographer and director. With a childhood full of manual film photography and weekend movie rental marathons it was only natural he would find his calling behind a camera.

Beginning with a path in photography and graduating from Humber College, Josh has only recently entered into the world of film. His debut short film Cave demonstrated his diversity as writer, director, cinematographer and editor.

Inspired by a wide array of films and cinematographers, Josh exhibits a varied visual palette while still maintaining his own visual style in every project; terrifying or otherwise.


A.J. is a graduate from Mohawk College, where he studied Applied Music with a focus on composition and arranging. He has been working on film scores for the better part of five years, and his credits include blood-soaked films such as Snow Hard and The Carousel King. His unique perspective on films comes from the fact that he also graduated from Niagara College’s Acting for Film and Television program. As an actor, he has been involved in films such as the award winning Blood Riders (featured in the 2013 Blood in the Snow Film Festival). Given this unique perspective on film, A.J.’s deliciously dark melodies are sure to please any filmmaker’s palate.

Production Designer JULIA MONSON

Julia is a graduate of OCAD University where she studied drawing and painting. Her passion for design and film exploded onto the scene when she production designed the award winning film Bow To Your Prince (March Mercanti, 2014), and, most recently, Face Wash (March Mercanti, 2015).

In July of 2014, she unveiled her production house, LUNA ROSA, a platform where she can continue to experiment with the confines of art, design, and film. Using the company as a launchpad, she made her directorial debut in September of 2014 with the art piece Laura. You can view her most recent films by visiting or puruse
her drawings and paintings by visiting her personal website .
Julia shares the same philosophy as the Swanson’s: If ya can’t beat ‘em, eat ‘em!

Sound Designer | Sound Mixer RYAN CANNON

Ryan Cannon is a self-taught audio engineer with over fifteen years experience. He began as a musician recording at Grant Avenue Studio before opening Hamilton’s BOXO Studios where he produces and engineers.

He has produced the Barber Shop Podcast ( ) for the past three years as they fast approach their 150th straight episode. The show runs live every Wednesday online and features the top musicians from the Hamilton area.

Ryan makes it his duty to capture every blood curdling scream with precision and finesse.


“You’re always welcome on the Swanson’s table.” - Mrs. Martha Swanson


As a recent graduate from the Ryerson Theatre School, Felix aspires to perform theatre and film in Toronto and across the country. If you keep your eyes peeled, you will most likely find him handling puppets in Dufferin Grove Park as part of the Clay & Paper Theatre summer troupe.

Felix may be perceived as fresh meat in the acting business, but watch out, he is hungry for work and will kill to have a lot on his plate.

“Gary Swanson” ANDREW KINES

Andrew is an actor, comedian and television and film editor. When he is not editing film and television programs he performs sketch comedy (Shoeless, Dick Wolfs) and has a vaudeville comedy act, bought from SimSim the Elf, called “An Increasingly Vague Notion Of How Things Used To Be” that is mostly
Andrew yelling at a broken filing cabinet.


A Toronto-based theatre, film and voice actor, Michelle has appeared in films that have screened in various international festivals as well as on the Sundance Channel. She is often asked how she keeps her youthful looks, but she just smiles shyly, wiping the blood from her chin.

“Debbie Swanson” JAYMEE FUCZEK

Jaymee is thrilled to be making her film debut as Debbie! Originally from Winnipeg, she is a singer, actor and graduate of the Sheridan College Music Theatre Performance Program. She can’t wait for you to “gnaw and consume” your next sausage after seeing this film. Go Bisons!

“Richard Swanson” NOAH SPITZER

Noah Spitzer is a professional actor based in Toronto, and a recent graduate of Ryerson Theatre School. He has been nominated for a Dora Mavor Moore Award for his theatre work. His solo show, My Second Smile, has been performed across the country, including the Ottawa Fringe Festival, and high schools
in Vancouver, Ottawa, and Toronto. He tried going vegetarian once, but he enjoys bacon far too much.

Guest Starring AARON ROTHERMUND as “Mailman”

Aaron Rothermund plays a piece of meat; for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Recently he played a blow-up doll salesman turned serial killer in Death Blow (Eight Piece Media), and a mean-spirited drama teacher in Jew Girl #2 (Blondelle). This October he will be seen as a Demon in the return of Paranormal Witness
(SyFy channel).

Guest Starring TREVOR RAMAI JR. as “Harold”

Trevor is an experienced and enthusiastic actor/producer based in Toronto. He tends to be busy most of the time with one film project or another. Sometimes he becomes so focused that his eyes only see crimson - coincidentally his favourite colour.

Guest Starring MAC DALE as “The Guest”

With international works reaching as far as the Cannes Film Festival, Discovery, YTV and the Syfy network, just to name a few;