Her Name Was Christa


SYNOPSIS: " Stephen is a socially awkward, middle aged telemarketer and is desperately alone. At the suggestion of a co-worker, he goes out into the night to find a prostitute for "The Girlfriend Experience".

With this, he meets Christa, a streetwise call girl who's happy to fulfill his needs.

Yet something unexpected happens. What starts as a business agreement blossoms into true love. But what happens when death enters the picture? How far would you go to keep the one person you've always wanted?


HER NAME WAS CHRISTA is the directorial debut of actor/screenwriter James L. Edwards(BLOODLETTING, POLYMORPH, KILLER CAMPOUT).


The film stars Shianne Daye, Drew Fortier(guitarist for BANG TANGO), Rick Jermain(WRESTLEMASSACRE), Kaylee Williams(MODEL HUNGER) and Edwards with special appearances by Sasha Graham(ADDICTED TO MURDER), Scooter McCrae(Director of SHATTER DEAD), Barbara Katz-Norrod(SKINNED ALIVE) and J.R. Bookwalter(Director of THE DEAD NEXT DOOR). Featuring special make-up effects by Alan Tuskes(MEN IN BLACK 2, CABIN FEVER, FROM DUSK TILL DAWN, THE DEVILS REJECTS, TUSK).


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