Homewrecked is the third and final short film of a trilogy written, produced and directed by Michael S. Rodriguez (MSR STUDIOS). Homewrecked tells the story of Rick and Nora Harper as they attempt to cope with Rick’s recent return from war and the after effect of a traumatic event while serving. During a quaint dinner with Nora’s father an urgent knock at the door interrupts an intense discussion between Rick and his father in-law.

A young woman in distress pleads to enter the couple’s home insistent that her life is in danger. We come to find out it is a ploy for a violent home invasion robbery. As Rick is bound and taunted by three drug idled maniacs, he is asked to make a decision...Your loved one’s lives or what’s in the safe? The disturbing trail of events send Rick over the edge and his silent rage awakens a lost soldier... A soldier that was and remains a killing machine.

Homewrecked is based on true events and stars Jim VanBebber (Deadbeat at Dawn, The Manson Family) Tim Quill (Army of Darkness, Thou shall not Kill…Except.) Sebrina Scott (Overtime, The Rangers) Meghan Chadeayne (Naked Zombie Girl, Lamb Feed) Jj Beasley, Dale Miller and a special appearance by John Wells (Overtime) Release date early 2016 Quote from Director: I feel wrecked is my best effort to date and fans of my work will be pleased to see as I do remain true to the genre, some real life issues will be present that will perhaps provoke thoughts and discussions after viewing.