Akron, New York - Production has wrapped on Lake Effect, the latest creature feature from Western New York filmmaker Sam Qualiana (Snow Shark: Ancient Snow Beast, The Legend of Six Fingers). The film, which pits small town residents against both a crippling snowstorm and an assault by a rampaging supernatural creature, is executive produced by author/publisher Richard Chizmar (Cemetery Dance publications), and produced by Greg Lamberson (Slime City, Killer Rack), Kyle Haner and Mick O'Keefe. The production team has released new stills showing glimpses of the creature, and a poster designed by Chris Cosgrave, who now tackles the films complicated post production visual effects.

"This will definitely be Sam's best film," says Lamberson. "It's a scary story, and he's really evolved as a director and a cinematographer. When we shot Snow Shark, we were that every time the snow melted on us, it returned in time for shooting. The opposite happened this time around: we started shooting late in the winter of 2015, and the snow kept disappearing. Other films came to town, which led to delays, and when production resumed this winter, there was hardly any snow. Fortunately Sam grabbed a lot of footage when we did have storms. It all makes the film's environmental message that much more timely."

Lake Effect stars Simeon Qualiana (Snow Shark), Tia Maurice (Dry Bones), Daniel James (Frankenstein's Patchwork Monster), Erika Frase (Killer Rack) and Jason John Beebe "as the creature." Special make-up effects were created by Immortal Masks and "Wild Bill" Meyer.