A woman searches for her missing son in a remote wilderness with the help of her estranged husband and a Native American guide. When an evil creature starts to hunt them, their journey becomes a fight for survival.


Synopsis: Convinced he is still alive, a woman searches for her missing son a in remote wilderness with the help of her estranged husband and Native American friend.

When an evil being starts to hunt them, their journey becomes a fight for survival.

Written, Produced and Directed by Christian Larsen & Brock Manwill

Produced by John Matthews PolinaGorbacheva

Director of Photography Andrew Brinkhaus

Edited by Gregory King

Music by Benjamin Hoff

Production Company Folklore Films, LLC




We filmed Lore in the mountains of Southeastern Idaho, near the small town of Paris. The legends of the Native American tribes of the greater region captivated us as youngsters and in writing Lore, inspired us with a story both terrifying and enduring.

We were fortunate to have cast members from three different Native American nations. Each of them brought invaluable authenticity and elevated our film in both performance and spirit. Additionally, the area's rugged beauty was the perfect setting for our story, and when production wrapped, we had captured images of the American West never before seen in a film.

Traditions, stories and belief find their roots in the ancient human practice of gathering around a fire. As the characters in Lore return to the fire throughout the story, we see that despite approaching things from different languages and beliefs, our deepest questions and struggles as human beings prove that we have more things in common than we realize.

Whether itís faith, doubt, tragedy or fear, we all confront the same questions: What stories do we choose to believe or dismiss? To what lengths will we voyage to sustain our convictions? Are the answers out there or is the lack of an answer just as scary as any monster? As a physically vulnerable yet unwavering woman, with no special training or skills related to the journey she must embark on, our protagonist is faced with these same questions.

Indeed she finds herself in danger of not only losing her life, but also her faith. Ultimately, she must face a crossroads as to whether she can still believe, even when the answer appears to be in front of her. While Lore is meant to be a scary story, our hope is that one can come away from it knowing that no matter what path of lifeís questions you find yourself on, you are not