The Millennial Killer!(2019)


An independent, UK, low budget, home based, terror/horror feature film, produced by HBFilms and TrashArts, the creative minds behind “Lonely Hearts” (2018), “Toxic Schlock” (2017) and “Industrial Animals” (2016).


                                                Produced by



Hill Burton -

Sam Mason Bell –


The first step on the housing ladder is the fist step on the path to hell.


Millennial Killer:


HB Films:



When Naomi and Daniel look to find their first shared home together, they wanted to live together forever, but didn’t expect death to part them quite as soon as it did. Meeting the Real Estate Agent was their undoing, as it also proved to be for others of the  Generation Y.

But Naomi’s fate is worse than death as she is kept alive long enough to
meet other Millennials, all succumbing to the Real Estate Agent’s need to protect earlier generations from the scourge of the Millennial.

Who is the real victim of the Millennial Killer – one who dies, one who survives, or one who is adversely affected by changing society values?

Key Cast and Crew:


Alice Mulholland as Naomi

Simon Berry as the Real Estate Agent

Rishky Patel as Daniel


Sam Mason Bell as Director, Editor, Writer

Jackson Batchelor as Cinematographer

Martin W Payne as Producer


The Millennial Killer uses property for sale advertisements to entice young house hunters to make contact with him and make the appointment that will ultimately lead to their demise.

Some of their stories are shown although his first victim, TIA, has little to
say but with good reason as her tongue has been removed and she is verges on death.

The Couple – Naomi, Daniel

A couple, looking for their first home together, despite some differences of opinion, are keen to view the apartment and believe it could be the start of the rest of their lives together.

Although DANIEL soon irritates the REAL ESTATE AGENT by inadvertently
criticising the bathroom refurbishment and the killer’s sense of taste with the crystal chandelier that had been installed especially into the living room of the apartment.

But their greatest shock is when they see the Master Bedroom, with DANIEL being stabbed in the back and NAOMI being chloroformed, waking up later having been tied up and watching her boyfriend be brutally attacked by the Millennial Killer.

The Pretty Boy – David

We don’t learn much about DAVID, a guy with the looks and intelligence of a reality TV show contestant, clubbed to the floor in the master bedroom, even before he gets to see the crystal chandelier the Real Estate Agent proudly fitted in the apartment.

The Chatty One - Tony

A young guy, seemingly out for making a quick profit on buying and selling on an apartment, especially one offered so cheaply, sets out to try to force the price down even lower by pointing out the mould and questioning the heating of the apartment.

If only he had looked at the Real Estate Agent, he may have survived rather than having his throat slit and then getting dismembered and tossed out in the rubbish.

The Second Couple – Wendy, Anne

A truly loving couple are looking forward to a life in a beautiful neighbourhood, walking their future dog, throwing parties for their friends in their new apartment, whilst remembering past parties, and how they could redecorate the flat to their taste.

They are truly lost in each other’s company, ignoring the Millennial Killer who eventually snaps, grabs a kitchen knife and attacks them in the kitchen.

No need to go to the master bedroom and proving the kitchen floor is easily wiped clean of their blood.

The Happy Couple – Debbie, Karl

Another couple enjoying life and searching for their ‘forever home’ to purchase.

The online agencies have a suitable property for their party lifestyle and one that DEBBIE also hopes will be good for the child she wants to conceive, much to KARL’s surprise and obvious discomfort with the level of commitment he is expected to give.

Maybe it was lucky for him they didn’t manage to get that first property, but unlucky for both of them to meet the Millennial Killer and then incur his wrath by not dying quietly.

The Old Lady – Mrs James, Terry, Josh, Megan

When NAOMI questions ‘why?’, the Real Estate Agent relates the story of a lovely Christian lady, who was mugged and killed by a group of Millennials wanting nothing more than her mobile ‘phone. And it must be true, because he read it in the newspaper.

The Rich Girl - Lacey

The ‘Bank of Mom and Dad’ may be available to the black clothed youngster, showing her support of her favourite band, not having too many cares and showing some compassion for her fellow millennials.

Still living with her parents, she may be the person who is most missed, but that doesn’t make a difference to the Millennial Killer blaming her for over - consumption of his resources, leaving NAOMI alone in the master bedroom, pleading for(help, echoing the first victim as she hopes for death or rescue.


Millennial Killer was shot in an apartment that had been left empty between tenants, with the main shoot needing to be completed in(18 hours.

Key cast and crew stayed overnight at the location with the Director sleeping in(the ‘master bedroom’ surrounded by the plastic sheeting and blood stained mattress seen in the film.

Social Media:


Twitter: @FilmMillKill

MEGAN (Marta Bagdziunaite); TERRY (Ross Doney); JOSH (Jake Young)

LACEY (Annabelle Rich )

WENDY (Annina Kaski); ANNE (Rebecca Clears)

DEBBIE (Luna Lily; KARL (Chris Mills)

DAVID ( Noah Butts )

DANIEL (Rishky Patel); NAOMI (Alice Mulholland )