Sargad (Wounded)


Sargad (Wounded) is about a young woman, Elina that drives to a cabin with her mother, Aga and younger sister, Lily, to find the perfect place to spread their dad's ashes. While being there they encounter three brothers that will make their weekend a living hell..and yes it will be brutal.

Sargad (Wounded) was written by Sarah Giercksky, who also stars as the main character Elina and will also do the SFX. Andres R Ramos will be directing the movie and Jasmine Martinez from the youtube show Bitches of Horror will also be involved in the project. Bitches of Horror is a youtube show run by Jasmine and Sarah where they review horror movies, interview people in the horror world and play horror games.


Sargad is a revenge movie and a brutal one and an homage to revenge movies like I spit on your grave and Last house on the left. Sarah felt that Sweden needs more horror movies and she started writing the screenplay for Sargad last summer. Now she has gathered up a crew of talented people and an IMDB-page will be up soon.

A kickstarter for Sargad is up and if you want to support us, the link is right here.

Sargad (Wounded) interview with writer Sarah Giercksky and director Andres R Ramos:

Logo is made by Sida Yin and the photo is taken by Javier Vilar Ehrlin and we start do this movie in may 2016