Spring Fever

The rabbit hole goes deep, as Zed and Agent-X try to stop the spreading infection unleashed by the evil mastermind, Dr. Yaeger, hell-bent on controlling the population with his horde of undead killers."







Spring Fever is a feature length sequel to my first short horror film "Dead of Winter" shot back in 2010-2012. I wrote, directed and starred in DoW with my best friend Chris McElyea, who also co-directed and co-starred in Spring Fever.

I met Chris McElyea back in October 2003 when we both attended Tom Savini's Special Make-up & FX program in Monessen, Pennsylvania. We have worked on various films and projects together, with 4 short horror films of our own, and now our first feature: Spring Fever. We basically wear all the hats on the production of the film, me being sole editor. We also provide the fx, and create some of the music ourselves. A lot of people from the local area have also helped and starred in the film, which features Robert Z'Dar in his final performance. (I actually had a larger role written for him, but he sadly passed away shortly after we shot his first scene, which called for rewrites.)