Swipe Right

Swipe Right a fast paced and nail biting psychological horror thriller is set for filming in
June/July this year. Set in a stunning house in Kent and an old abandoned mental asylum
the film will be ready for release by Halloween, 2016.
The tattooed and bearded model Ricki Hall is cast as a lead part, the menacing caretaker
Luke. Alison Carroll who played Lara Croft and has been in eight feature films is the lead
female part.

The title Swipe Right is based on a dating app like Tinder, where people swipe to the right if
they like the photo of someone and then perhaps arrange to meet up if he or she also
swipes right.

Following the temporary closure of Michelle’s dance studio she brings a group of five girls
to her family home to practice their routine while her mother is away. They have just a
month before they perform in a major television competition. The menacing caretaker Luke
greets a surprised Michele as the group arrives. She is suspicious of him and the fact that
she cannot contact her mother. Inevitable jealousies and squabbles start over the routine
and rehearsals and the girls compromise and throw a last party before they begin serious


Several of the girls try the dating app to get themselves dates for the night. Though the
men all look fit they do not know exactly who they are letting in to their lives. Following the
party one of the girls goes missing and a series of macabre clues make the girls terrified.
One by one the other girls disappear with more clues left, but the remaining girls cannot
fathom them.

Luke is called upon to help clear the clues away but Michelle is very suspicious of his part in
at least the disappearance of Suki, the first girl to disappear. A heavy storm takes out their
electricity and a fallen tree prevents an exit from the driveway at the remote farmhouse.
After three days when just Michele and one other girl Madison are left they fight for their
lives to escape the psychopathic killer who has entered their house on the stormy night.
Madison is seen being dragged through the woods at the back of the property by a shadowy
figure straight to the abandoned mental asylum. Injured but alive Michelle follows them
and is shocked to see all the girls captured and hung like pieces of meat from the ceiling
along with her mother. She now has the fight of her life to try to escape and rescue
Madison, the only girl still alive.

Lumino Films Ltd have had films shown at festival around the world and been selected for
Cannes. This is their first horror feature film.

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