Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uchJahQ0Nxs




PRODUCER: Wain Bradley, Jimmy Westmoreland

GENRE: Supernatural Thriller

RUN TIME: 63 mins


SYNOPSIS: Tuckerman is a psychological thriller about a man, Robert Colman,
who returns to his hometown to investigate the alleged suicide of his first love, a woman who's memory resurfaces after he hears the news Unable to believe she killed herself, and accompanied by a close friend, Robert heads off to Tuckerman to investigate. As soon as he arrives, he realizes he may have made a mistake. An ear infection that continually grows worse, and the hostility and odd behavior of everyone he meets causes him to consider giving up his search and leaving the peculiar town.

A gnawing doubt and a need to know the truth push him onward, but in Every direction he turns for answers, he finds more questions. After seeing what could only be ghosts, he decides to accept help from a man he doesn't fully trust.

The man, along with his equally unsettling twin sisters, convinces Robert that the only way to save himself, and perhaps his family, is through an ancient voodoo ritual.
The strangeness he has experienced since arriving gets even worse and,more frightened than ever, Robert decides to leave town. No longer caring about answers, just wanting to be away from the town and safe, he heads back along Highway 65. He finds, however, that it may be too late to leave his memories behind.

Wain Bradley: www.bradleymediallc.com

Wain Bradley has been a professional video/audio editor, sound designer, and musician for TV broadcast, Documentaries, Independent film and major label record/CD releases.
He started his career as a recording artist for London Records. That would lead to years of working in the music industry in Memphis as an engineer/producer/artist. He moved to the Atlanta Market, and found himself working as a producer/recording engineer/studio musician at APC (Atlanta Production Center).

He returned to Memphis and became Director of the Digital Audio division at MPL Media. While at MPL, he had the pleasure of working with Morgan Freeman, Hal Holbrook, Dixie Carter and many more film and TV professionals. He also became fluent on the Avid edit
system and combined his audio and video skills for broadcast production and nationally aired documentaries.

Moving to Little Rock, he became senior editor at an HD television production facility. He left that position to branch out on his own, becoming owner of Bradley Media LLC. Heading up post production services at Bradley Post, he now puts his skill and experience towards being a producer, editor and sound designer for feature films. Picture edit and audio mix were completed at Bradley Post for the feature film Tuckerman.

Jett West: www.jettwest.com

Jett West grew up in the delta farmland of Arkansas before moving to Spain, then to Puerto Rico, where he honed his writing skills by reading books by S. E. Hinton, Mario Puzo, David Morrell, and Edgar Allen Poe. In the late 1980's he arrived back in the states and lived a brief period in Virginia before finding his way back home to Arkansas.

West played bass guitar and sang in the rock band Jerkwater, then returned to writing stories instead of songs after the band ended it's six year run. Up to this point he wrote short stories, novellas, and novels. Switching gears, he penned the television pilot for SoulChasers, then turned his attention to feature-length scripts, writing first the animated feature UWI, then the live-action retelling of John Reid titled Spirit and Vengeance. A collection of novellas, Quad, was set to be his first published work, but instead, West turned two of the novellas into independent films, taking on the task of directing each.

The Devil Lives in Hot Springs is a gritty, no- holds barred short feature, with three separate storylines that converge by the end of the film. Tuckerman is a paranormal drama, centering on a man who returns home to investigate his first love's suicide. As the Tuckerman/Echelon deal was closing, a new script idea appeared from Jett. The two producers went to work and a full camera ready script was created. That script became "Haddie".

Striving for better production value, the producer's of Haddie will strive to feature several known actors for market visibility and interest. They also will secure an LOI from a special effects studio with film credits, for dramatic "Creature" effects and design. The
producers know they have a hard hitting and very suspenseful story about things that haunt people's nightmares. With a strong cast and great production, this will be an exciting and possibly, quite successful film.